TBG Golf Apparel | Long Drivers European Tour

TBG Golf Apparel | Long Drivers European Tour

We are thrilled to announce that TBG Golf Apparel is now an official partner of The Long Drivers European Tour! This exciting partnership brings together two forces in the world of golf, uniting TBG Golf's innovative and stylish golf apparel with the exhilarating competition of The Long Drive European Tour.

TBG Golf Apparel is dedicated to outfitting golfers with top-quality, stylish apparel that enhances their performance on the course. The Long Drivers European Tour showcases the incredible power and skill of long drive competitors, and we are proud to be part of this dynamic and growing sport.

This partnership represents a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the sheer love of the game. Together, TBG Golf Apparel and The Long Drivers European Tour will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in golf, inspiring golfers of all levels to reach for new heights in their game.

We are looking forward to an incredible journey ahead as we join forces with The Long Drivers European Tour for their next event located at the stunning Real Guadalhorce Golf Club.

Located in the Guadalhorce valley, 15 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the historic center, the club has great history in the world of golf. Designed by Kosti Kuronen and subsequently redesigned by four-time Ryder Cup winner Miguel Ángel Jiménez.

Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the designer took advantage of the terrain’s orography to give beauty and movement to the 18 fairways along the route. They have modern and diverse facilities so that all members of the family have their place in the Club and can enjoy their favourite sports.

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